Automate Your Business With a Customized Platform.

Our team of software professionals will work with you to to create a customized software solution that will save you and your business time, money, and increase the quality of your operations. So you can focus on growth.

No equity required.

Our standard software development services are provided at a great price with no strings attached. When you are successful, we are successful.

Build your traction.

A customized software solution can help your business grow extremely fast. Automating tasks that previously took hours or even days.

Go international.

Software allows your business to introduce another revenue stream in licensing. It also is an asset that ads value to your business over its life time.

Healthcare and Facilities

Mobile and Desktop Development

We provide medical facilities with customized solutions that benefit their staff, operations and patients.

Billing & Work Orders

Automate your work order generation.

Client Management

Manage clients and provide them customized interactions.

Cataloguing & Surveys

Catalogue your equipment and add efficiency to your survey processes.

Facilities Management

Manage your facility and operational tasks with enhanced ease through automation.

# 1 Question
Is your business overwhelmed by a lot of manual processes and paperwork causing a serious decrease in efficiency?
# 2
Do you see too many common and recurring problems that need to be sorted out on a daily basis?
# 3
Are all your data needs are fulfilled by a worn out spreadsheets and are tracked and analyzed by hand?

Why Choose Dignisoft, LLC

Local Project Manager

We work locally with your team to discuss your development needs.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We have a high standard for customer satisfaction and will always deliver.

World-class Developers

We hire only the best developers and designers that your platform deserves

Customer Experience

We provide detailed progress updates to our customers at their preferred update schedule so you can feel confident that your software product will be developed exactly as expected.

Data Analysis

We understand the importance of data and want to help you take your data analysis to the next level with custom reports and a beautiful user interface.

Cost Savings

Stop draining money unnecessarily. Our automated solutions can help plug the leaks using software.

Bring your business operations to Dignisoft, We offer solutions including

Internet of Things​

Need a customized software solutions that will integrate with your hardware?


Need a customized software solution that will embody the highest data security standards?

Artificial Inteligence

Need a chat bot, or software solution that utilizes artificial intelligence such as IBM's Watson?

“Dignisoft, LLC developed an amazing mobile solution for my company that solved some serious problems relating to rental equipment management.”

Amaury Agoncillo,

CEO Morigon Technologies

“Dignisoft designed a beautiful website for my business which has made in big difference in our marketing ROI”

Eliza Nilsson

CTO Kullberg


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Dignisoft, LLC was founded in 2013 with the goal of offering industry standard software development services at an affordable price.

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