5 SEO Tactics & Techniques You’re Overlooking (2017)

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Many SEO experts, professionals, or whatever you’d like to call them will perform all of the
basics that – on paper – are required as part of any SEO campaign that’s looking to WIN. Of course these “basics” would include tactics such as optimizing title tags for no more than 70 characters or
optimizing the meta description for a page with no more than 156 characters used or link building strategies involving directory submissions. Sound familiar?

“Knowledge is Power.”

How Frequently Do You Stay on Top of Latest SEO News?

SEO is alive & well and those who are really trying to WIN at the game of SEO must understand
that it is vital to stay on top of trends that have evidence to back their success up. If you follow Neil Patel, Brian Dean, or other popular SEO wizardry sources such as SEMrush, Moz, Search Engine Journal & others then you will be educated on what’s working TODAY and what is no longer working… as well as Google algorithm updates that may be coming up to be aware of.

Back when the “mobilegeddon” took place, many websites had known it was going to occur way in advance, allowing them time to make their website mobile-friendly if it wasn’t already. If you had never followed any of these sources or had someone in your network knowledgable of SEO then you likely wouldn’t have known and subsequently would have fallen behind some of your competitors overnight. That’s the cutthroat world of SEO so it’s important to stay on top of things.

SEO Tactics You’re Likely Overlooking

1. Putting all of your eggs into Google’s basket.

Did you know simply submitting a sitemap to Bing could boost your presence on Bing quite a bit? You probably didn’t & the reaosn why: because most of us are 100% focused on Google’s search engine. Bing may only be a small piece of the pie, but if you’re actually concerned with results, then you should be investing SOME time into Bing as well, even if it’s just getting Analytics connected & submitting your sitemap. Our point is: don’t ignore the small mediums!

2. Not fixing broken links.

Broken links are often hard to come by because sometimes our itnenral linking strategies include tons and tons of links & as we can create new, relevant content & perhaps beef up older links we fail to realize that sometimes we take a few steps back rather than forward. However, it’s good to occasionally run tests on your website for certain elements & in this case broken links being one of them.
How do you do this? Well, there are plenty of tools that could help & the one we use here at our SEO agency in Los Angeles is Xenu’s Link Sleuth.

Check for broken links using this FREE tool:
Xenu’s Link Sleuth

Note: don’t pay attention to Xenu’s weird design – the tool does it’s job well.

3. Not paying enough attention to competitors.

Sure, many of us have already figured out who our competition are and may have even gotten some of our keyword research completed simply by analyzing what keywords they were using on their pages & then believing you could do it better. However, how deep you really analyze your competition?

Most of us stop after the keyword research phase, however you should be continuously monitoring your top competition. It’s all about data & there are plenty of FREE tools you could use to do some friendly spying. One of these tools is known as SpyFu & we highly encourage you to try it on your main competition. Based on what you find out from your competition, perhaps you may find it worthwhile to go after some new, more niche keywords they haven’t decided to target yet. Remember: Knowledge is power.

Here’s an example of what we mean using SpyFu (totally FREE!) on one of our own competitors:

seo tactics techniques overlooked 2017

4. Not registering your domain for several years.

This one bears such small weight in terms of SEO ranking factors, however, by registering your domain for 10 years (as opposed to 1 or 3 years that most people use) you are essentially telling Google that your website is here to stay and that you’re in it for the long haul. Again, this bears so little weight in terms of SEO but these are the ever-so-small tactics that your competition likely hasn’t thought of & this is also the mindset you need to have in order to WIN at SEO; every little thing, whether small or big, matters.

5. Not improving your website’s page loading speed.

We could make a certain web page contain the perfect amount of content & images, but if it fails to load quickly then it won’t be considered “user-friendly” in Google’s eyes and therefore will not rank as well as it should, despite the amount of quality that went into the page. This is why it’s very important to make sure your website’s loading speed is excellent.

A few things that could be affecting site speeds:

  • High Quality images or videos
  • Your server is too slow, or lacks server scaling (most often the case)
  • A terribly slow database
  • Lack of optimization of your website’s source files

Improving your website’s speed & performance is generally an aspect that should be left in the hands of an experienced professional that understands website code & HTML and/or CSS.

Pro tip: You could test certain web pages on your website using Google’s FREE PageSpeed Insights Tool as a reference.

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