5 SEO Tactics & Techniques You’re Overlooking (2017)

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Many SEO experts, professionals, or whatever you’d like to call them will perform all of the
basics that – on paper – are required as part of any SEO campaign that’s looking to WIN. Of course these “basics” would include tactics such as optimizing title tags for no more than 70 characters or
optimizing the meta description for a page with no more than 156 characters used or link building strategies involving directory submissions. Sound familiar?

“Knowledge is Power.”

How Frequently Do You Stay on Top of Latest SEO News?

SEO is alive & well and those who are really trying to WIN at the game of SEO must understand
that it is vital to stay on top of trends that have evidence to back their success up. If you follow Neil Patel, Brian Dean, or other popular SEO wizardry sources such as SEMrush, Moz, Search Engine Journal & others then you will be educated on what’s working TODAY and what is no longer working… as well as Google algorithm updates that may be coming up to be aware of.

Back when the “mobilegeddon” took place, many websites had known it was going to occur way in advance, allowing them time to make their website mobile-friendly if it wasn’t already. If you had never followed any of these sources or had someone in your network knowledgable of SEO then you likely wouldn’t have known and subsequently would have fallen behind some of your competitors overnight. That’s the cutthroat world of SEO so it’s important to stay on top of things.

SEO Tactics You’re Likely Overlooking

1. Putting all of your eggs into Google’s basket.

Did you know simply submitting a sitemap to Bing could boost your presence on Bing quite a bit? You probably didn’t & the reaosn why: because most of us are 100% focused on Google’s search engine. Bing may only be a small piece of the pie, but if you’re actually concerned with results, then you should be investing SOME time into Bing as well, even if it’s just getting Analytics connected & submitting your sitemap. Our point is: don’t ignore the small mediums!

2. Not fixing broken links.

Broken links are often hard to come by because sometimes our itnenral linking strategies include tons and tons of links & as we can create new, relevant content & perhaps beef up older links we fail to realize that sometimes we take a few steps back rather than forward. However, it’s good to occasionally run tests on your website for certain elements & in this case broken links being one of them.
How do you do this? Well, there are plenty of tools that could help & the one we use here at our SEO agency in Los Angeles is Xenu’s Link Sleuth.

Check for broken links using this FREE tool:
Xenu’s Link Sleuth

Note: don’t pay attention to Xenu’s weird design – the tool does it’s job well.

3. Not paying enough attention to competitors.

Sure, many of us have already figured out who our competition are and may have even gotten some of our keyword research completed simply by analyzing what keywords they were using on their pages & then believing you could do it better. However, how deep you really analyze your competition?

Most of us stop after the keyword research phase, however you should be continuously monitoring your top competition. It’s all about data & there are plenty of FREE tools you could use to do some friendly spying. One of these tools is known as SpyFu & we highly encourage you to try it on your main competition. Based on what you find out from your competition, perhaps you may find it worthwhile to go after some new, more niche keywords they haven’t decided to target yet. Remember: Knowledge is power.

Here’s an example of what we mean using SpyFu (totally FREE!) on one of our own competitors:

seo tactics techniques overlooked 2017

4. Not registering your domain for several years.

This one bears such small weight in terms of SEO ranking factors, however, by registering your domain for 10 years (as opposed to 1 or 3 years that most people use) you are essentially telling Google that your website is here to stay and that you’re in it for the long haul. Again, this bears so little weight in terms of SEO but these are the ever-so-small tactics that your competition likely hasn’t thought of & this is also the mindset you need to have in order to WIN at SEO; every little thing, whether small or big, matters.

5. Not improving your website’s page loading speed.

We could make a certain web page contain the perfect amount of content & images, but if it fails to load quickly then it won’t be considered “user-friendly” in Google’s eyes and therefore will not rank as well as it should, despite the amount of quality that went into the page. This is why it’s very important to make sure your website’s loading speed is excellent.

A few things that could be affecting site speeds:

  • High Quality images or videos
  • Your server is too slow, or lacks server scaling (most often the case)
  • A terribly slow database
  • Lack of optimization of your website’s source files

Improving your website’s speed & performance is generally an aspect that should be left in the hands of an experienced professional that understands website code & HTML and/or CSS.

Pro tip: You could test certain web pages on your website using Google’s FREE PageSpeed Insights Tool as a reference.

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5 Design Elements Every Modern Website Should Have (2017)

modern website design trends 2017

Modern Website… what does “modern” even mean? Technically, the definition of modern is “relating to the present or recent times as opposed to the remote past”. So for all intensive purposes, “modern” will refer to websites that have been designed & developed within a couple of years. So for our sake, a modern website is any website developed from 2015 and beyond. Not that websites created before this time are obsolete, but they may lack certain elements that websites of 2017 may have (that Google may also favor in terms of SEO).

5 Design Trends of “Modern“ Websites (2017)

  1. “Keep it simple, stupid.”

Recall what K.I.S.S. is? I remember an advanced coding course I took in College, AP Computer Science. It was a tough course, but one thing I specifically remember my instructor telling our class: “KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID”. Sure, so what does that mean?

Google is primarily concerned with showing users relevant, useful information & people want information quickly. So in order to accomplish this, you’ll need to structure & develop your website in a specific way that includes highlighting bullets, features or benefits, as well as the use of relevant imagery & media. Using white space is a great tactic to force eyeballs in a general location & to make websites look cleaner and more attractive!

Please take a moment to view an example of what we mean by K.I.S.S. below.
design trends modern websites 2017
View several more examples of attractive websites that meet the standards of “modern websites”.

  1. The Rule of 3.

What’s this now? It’s the Rule of 3. The Rule of 3, in the design world, states that one should never exceed 3 different colors used on any website design. In fact, many professionals prefer only 2 colors being used: one for background & one major accent color. Big names such as Apple & Amazon follow this rule, as well as Dignisoft Internet Marketing!

  1. CTA, CTA, CTA

You heard us: CTA. CTA stands for “Call to Action” graphics. CTAs are an integral part of any website & the main reason why: because they help initiate engagement or interaction with your website. Whether it be filling out a contact form, clicking on the phone number button or icon, or giving up your email & other info for free white pages or newsletter signup – a CTA is a great way to initiate these potential actions.

wordpress developer los angeles

Unfortunately, many people may actually have great SEO results bringing in hundreds of traffic every month, but have low conversion rates. If this is the case, we urge you to consider more placements of strategic CTA graphics.

  1. SEO.

If you have a website, but do not have even the most basic SEO (search engine optimization) elements in place, then you have an out-dated website. SEO is what helps Google crawl your website, which then “ranks” it among all of the other websites that are promoting similar products or services.

For Clients, the goal is to be on the 1st page of results for specific keywords, but the realistic goal of any local SEO agency in Los Angeles, or any SEO company for that matter, is to increase website traffic. SEO is there to bring traffic to your website & if you have the right design elements in place (i.e. CTAs), then you will have a chance at converting this traffic you’re receiving.

Basic SEO elements include title tags, meta descriptions, performing keyword research & competitor research, applying image alt tags, Google Analytics & Search Console setup, etc. There are a lot of elements that work hand-in-hand to comprise a solid foundation for SEO.

SEO Tips & Tricks for Beginners: 5 Basics You’re Doing Wrong.

  1. Mobile-Friendly & Responsive

Is your website mobile-friendly & responsive? You may have even heard this asked to you by now, in fact you probably have. This is because Google released an update on April 21st, 2015 that gave a boost to websites that were mobile-friendly.

Mobile-friendly simply means that your website will respond or adapt to mobile platforms such as smart phones & tablets. The whole premise behind them is that a mobile-friendly websites allows for a more user-friendly experience… which is what Google loves.

Pro tip: You can use Google’s own mobile-friendly test tool here. This tool will help you determine if your website is or is not mobile friendly.

Meet the Writer, Ben – He’s Been Designing & Developing Websites in Los Angeles for 10 Years

Ben works as a managing partner for Dignisoft, LLCInternet marketing & WordPress website development agency in Los Angeles, CA having designed & developed many successful websites using the user-friendly platform, WordPress. Our own website, Dignisoft, was custom-built on a WordPress platform. No matter what industry you’re in, we’ll make sure we build you an SEO-friendly & mobile-friendly website that your colleagues & peers will be impressed by!

SEO Tips & Tricks for Beginners – 5 Basics You’re Doing Wrong (2017)

SEO tips and tricks for beginners 20017

Regardless of what you’ve read up until now – May 12, 2017 – SEO is not dead. To add, while content & backlinks are touted as the 2 most important elements of SEO, they are not the only elements to focus on.

Many of the SEO tactics that we have been using for several years still produce results that Clients are expecting to see. Techniques that are outlined in a search engine optimization starter guide provided directly by the horse’s mouth, Google.

affordable seo los angeles

Did you know?

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine? 20 years ago, this wasn’t the case. But we are currently living in the information age where most of our information is presented to us online – we just have to find what we’re looking for by using the right keywords.

5 Basics You’re Doing Wrong for SEO

  1. Not Connecting Google Search Console.

Having done SEO for hundreds of websites for a total of 5 years now, one thing I continue to see occurring is taking over a website that never had Google Search Console set up or connected. Why? Most of these websites we took over were in the hands of another “SEO company” that failed to perform basic steps for a successful SEO campaign.

Search Console is important because it is the back end management system of how your website’s search results are performing and there are plenty of additional steps you could take to improve your search listing & results all through the Search Console hub. A guide to set up & connect your account may be conveniently found below.

How to Setup Google Search Console.

Note: Google Search Console is not to be confused with Google Analytics.

  1. You’re still keyword stuffing.

Part of SEO best practices involves the use of keywords. Many “SEO experts” or “SEO professionals” to this day still perform keyword stuffing practices that come off as robotic. Google wants websites to speak the human language … to humans. Not to sound like a robot that provides no valuable information & has content littered with keywords.

Here’s an example of what we mean:

“We offer the best catering service in Los Angeles. Our catering service team in Los Angeles is dedicated to providing your guests with premium service and quality food. We have been operating our catering service in Los Angeles for over 20 years, making us one of the best catering service teams in Los Angeles, CA.”

In the paragraph above, the keyword they are going for involves the keyword 4 times in only 3 sentences. It is also riddled in other places on the page. Point is: they are overdoing it. Google will take one look at this and most likely decide it is not user-friendly. That’s the key here: making your website user-friendly & valuable.

Instead, each page you create should have purpose & meaning and should contain UNIQUE keywords that are in some way different from the other, same keywords you’ve been using the entire time. Our advice is to find niche, long-tail keywords and optimize new pages around these niche, long tail keywords. An example of a long-tail keyword would be: “how to do SEO correctly”.

  1. Image alt tags.

Ah, here’s another basic, overlooked element for SEO: image alt tags.

Here’s the deal: Google’s website crawlers cannot read images (not yet anyways). So, in the meantime, if you are using a relevant photo (and by relevant, we mean relevant to the content you’re writing about) then you should also apply image alt tags to this photo. Image alt tags should be no more than 70 characters in length and should provide the image with a quick description for Google to read what the image is about. In the 70 characters you have to work with, it is STRONGLY ADVISED that you place your keywords here. WordPress websites make it easy to add image alt tags. If you are using custom HTML/CSS coded-websites, then you’ll need this code:

seo tips for beginners 2017

  1. Social Media

For a period of time, many Clients were head over heels about social media. All they wanted was to see action happening on social media. And by “action”, we mean throwing up a couple of excellent posts every week. However, there was a problem with this: the posts were not being engaged with. And this is what Client couldn’t understand… that no engagement means minimal value in terms of what Google wants to see for SEO. Google wants to see your fans & followers interacting with your posts (i.e. “liking” them, “loving” them, commenting on them or even better… sharing them).

So, we would have Clients paying us to do Social Media, but it wasn’t making any difference on the bottom-line because the best social media should come from within your own business – using social media as a tool to give your customers a behind-the-scenes look of what’s going on, as well as humorous posts, giveaways & more. We mainly use social media as a way to gain a legitimate directory that people use to search for businesses (i.e. Facebook & Google+).

  1. Placing too much emphasis on SEO.

We see this all of the time. People expect SEO to be similar to a magical button that you just flip the switch and Viola! However, this will never be the case and SEO is an investment. Like any investments, it will take time before you see any Return on Investment (ROI). It’s important to have the right SEO elements in place, but you shouldn’t put all of your baskets into SEO. It is much wiser to spend a portion of your marketing budget on various avenues such as Pay-per-Click, Facebook Sponsored Advertising, Google Remarketing, print collateral (i.e. business cards, tri-folds, white pages, materials used for promoting your business, etc.) & other techniques rather than just hoping you become on Page 1 for the keyword you’re going for on organic search results.

Sometimes the website traffic is not the issue, but rather your website has trouble converting the traffic it receives. When you place too much emphasis on SEO, this may become overlooked. This is why it’s best to have a variety for any SEO campaign – which is also why we don’t offer cookie-cutter programs that diminish in value overtime.

View our SEO FAQ for more useful information on search engine optimization.

Meet the Writer, Shawn – He’s Been Doing SEO in Los Angeles for 5 Years

seo expert los angeles

Shawn works as a managing partner for Dignisoft, LLC – Internet marketing & SEO agency in Los Angeles, CA having provided many successful SEO results to a wide variety of doctors & dentists located in both competitive & non-competitive areas, as well as other industries including manufacturing, hardwood floors, lawyers, accountants, restaurants, e-commerce businesses & many more. We may be contacted @ 1-888-419-0002.