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Google Adwords, also known as PPC (Pay Per Click) or Paid Search, offers a quick & very effective way of gaining new business and website traffic from the Internet. However, it is only effective when it is being managed by professionals who know how to read certain metrics and translate these metrics into meaningful solutions. Far too often, we see many businesses running expensive ads that result in a very poor ROI. The goal of any type of search engine marketing, whether it be Google Adwords or Organic Search is to increase website traffic, leads & sales.

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A truly effective PPC campaign requires careful scrutiny of many different metrics every week and then making the right adjustments. Many who are new to PPC often will set up their account and work entirely off of basic metrics such as cost per click, impressions, conversions and other raw numbers. However, our Los Angeles PPC agency focuses on the core elements that make a significant difference when managed properly:

-The AD’s Quality Score
-The AD’s Copy
-Bid Optimization
-Targeting relevant users that are likely to click on your ad

What is the difference between organic search results and Paid Search results?

Before starting Google Adwords (or PPC), it is important that you understand the difference between Paid Search ads and Organic Search ads. The difference may be found below for an easy reference. However, you’ll notice that all of the Paid Search ads may be easily distinguished because of the “AD” tag Google has placed next to them.

Luckily for those doing PPC, it was found that the average user does not understand or notice the difference between organic & PPC results. This means that PPC could be a great, quick solution to gain new business while you also have an organic SEO campaign running on the side. This is
how you maximize your marketing budget and we often recommend this strategy for new businesses or websites that are just entering the world of Search Engine Optimization (link to page).

What budget do you recommend?

There’s no specific number we can recommend, but rather it’s important to go in with the mindset of initially TESTING the market and determining which keywords are getting hits and which are not, as well as which ads are getting hits and which aren’t. Once you feel confident about certain keywords or ads, then you can ditch your budget and focus on increasing your earnings per click (EPC) rate.

For testing, we would recommend an initial budget of $750*, which would amount to $25 per day for a total of 30 days, or 1 month. This month will be considered your testing month & based on the results you could decide whether or not Google Adwords makes sense for your business. This is important because often times businesses are better marketing their business by other, potentially more profitable means.

Note: this cost does not include service costs paid to a PPC agency who is managing the campaign.

Did you know?

Over the years, Google has gradually decreased organic results to allow for more PPC results due to the
widespread competition for popular keywords.

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